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SoundcityNG Interview With Cious Kilo

Posted by on December 4, 2018 under Entertainment

[JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP STRICTLY FOR SUPER FAST MUSIC UPDATES] interview team recently had an interview with “Skeh For The Boy” crooner, Cious Kilo. In the interview, the act revealed how he started music and how he is planning to drop a new single #OYANI.

Read excerpts from the interview below.



Please can you tell us who you are?
My name is Cious Kilo, I do Urban Alternative Afro Fusion.


That’s good, So, Cious kilo which state are you from?
Cious Kilo: I’m from Bayelsa State

How did the zeal to sing music begin?
I grew up with my moms parents actually. Grand Dad was a music lover. He’d always play some majek fashek, and the likes of blakky and raski mono in the house. That was how from a tender age I started singing. And I remember in my primary school days I formed a group called “Da remix”. We’d always remix secular songs to gospel, and that was how I started writing my own songs.

Wow. That’s great. You must have been a star right from primary school

Cious Kilo: *Laughs* Yea

Was there any break on your way to stardom?

A lot, I was faced with challenges basically financial. I’d write songs and not have cash to record.

Thats quite unfortunate, Along the line. Were there any obstacle?

Obstacles I faced were quite depressing. I had friends that knew my worth, had money to somehow promote me, knew people they could talk to about me and had shows they never told me about. But then, God gets all the glory


Cious Kilo: yeah

Are there possibilities that only upcoming artiste who goes to Lagos. Makes it big in the industry

Yes, it is because there’s structure in Lagos. The entertainment market is based in Lagos. And so it is in that regard you see artists like myself run/relocate to Lagos cos of these factors.

You are planning to escape to Lagos?

Lol.. I’m sure there’s a record label out there in need of my talent. Moment that deal comes through I’m off

So at the moment you re still a self made artiste

Cious Kilo: Self made? Wow, Yes o.. I’m still pushing my thing with my little funds..

So, Cious Kilo, We heard you’re working on a new single, can you please tell us more about it?

Yeah. It’s called “OYANI” and it means “girl”. It’s a beautiful song, that everyone would love. I’ve been hearing people say they want to dance and all, so through the help of my producer cos I explained what I wanted to him and some weeks later he sent me the beat.

Thing is, I want to see how I can sell out my dialect and get people from my region a Lil bit recognized.. Hence the title #OYANI

Wow, Your Dialect, That’s a good start, and are you sure people would love it especially you planning on moving to Lagos?

Music is universal. Language isn’t a barrier. The sound will sell itself. And then, I only use #Oyani at the chorus.. The verses are basically lines of English and Nigerian pidgin

Thats nice to hear. What do u have to say to all those young upcoming fellows out there?

The worse thing to happen to you is self-doubt. Believe in yourself like a religion. Do what you love to do, look out for guys ahead and learn from them. Improve your sound and style, and try not to look away from God.

That’s great.
Cious Kilo, Thanks for your time, we’re pleased having you here today 😊

Cious Kilo: Bless! ✊🏻

Do have a good day


Connect with Cious Kilo

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