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Ray J And His Wife Princess Love Announce $20k Reward To Anyone That Finds Their 3-Year-Old Dog

Ray J and his wife Princess Love announce k reward to anyone that finds their 3-year-old Dog that was allegedly dognapped

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and singer, Ray J‘s beloved dog Boogotti has allegedly been dognapped.

This comes days after his wife Princess Loveannounced on Instagram that the 3-year-old Maltese had gone missing.

“Hey everybody! I’m out of town and my dog BOOGOTTI is missing! If you’re in Woodland Hills, CA and found my dog, seen him or have any info PLEASE DM me! Please REPOST,” Princess, 34, wrote alongside a photo of the adorable pet.

Speaking about the incident with TMZ on Thursday,  Ray, 38, claimed that Boogotti was actually kidnapped.

“I got some new information on my dog,” Ray told the outlet. “My dog was lost, but now somebody has taken my dog and put him in a car and drove off.”

“My dog went from being lost, to being stolen to kidnapped — or whatever you call it.”

The “One Wish” singer then alleged to TMZ that Boogotti was kidnapped by a man driving a Dodge Charger.

“[Boogotti] was taken in a Dodge Charger it was like a young white kid around 19 or 20. If that kid is listening please be a hero and bring my dog back.”

“If anybody knows about pets, it’s just like having a kid. It’s a part of the family and we’re just really worried about him… he’s out in the streets by himself.”

“Whatever it is, just please bring the dog back and we will give you whatever you need,” Ray told TMZ.

After Ray’s interview, Princess revealed on Instagram that the couple is offering up a $20,000 reward for Boogotti’s return.

“We have you and your car on security camera taking our dog. You have 3 days to come forward and collect the $20,000 REWARD… after that we will take action,” Princess wrote.


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