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‘If anything happens to me hold my ex-husband responsible’ – Actress Etinosa Idemudia

'If anything happens to me hold my ex-husband responsible' - Actress Etinosa IdemudiaActress Etinosa Idemudia, has called out her ex-husband, Navy Lietenant Commander Babatunde Solomon Korede over series of thr€at messages.

The actress who spilled a lot of secrets on her ex, also revealed that he not only abus€d her while they were married, but his mother also confessed that he is cursed and he b€ats her too.

Etinosa went on to share details of how she had to take the decision to walk out of her abusiv€ marriage with a $tab wound and partially deaf ear.

She also narrated how the decision to share details of their abusiv€ marriage in an interview is costing her her peace as her ex-husband has been sending her thr€at messages.

Read what she shared below.

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